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What Else is Going on Here?

The story within the story. There is another part of my journey that I wish to share in not so public a way. I will send the link for this story in an email and there will be no "public" link from anywhere on my site. The list of recipients is smaller.

My trip to Peru is quite an adventure as I knew it would be. It is much more than a vacation. As I left on this journey, I felt that it would be an initiation of sorts, and so it is. I decided that I would leave my psoriasis in Peru—and perhaps the herpes and constipation too.

Couple weeks ago Musi brought me to her natural doctor--the woman she and her family saw as the kids were growing up here. She has about 20 plaques on her wall of all of the kinds of certifications she has done. She is an herbalist, naturopath, etc. etc. I hope to take a picture of her in her office where she has this old wooden cabinet with glass doors on top and herbs on the shelves and wooden drawers labeled with wooden letters A-Z. Behind her is a big Indian tapestry with elephants. She reminds me of Raven and it makes me feel all the more comfortable and confident.

In any case I have see her 3 times. The first day, she read my "egg." That is, I held an egg while I waited to be seen, then she rubbed it all over my body to pick up my essence and cracked it in a glass of water. We had told her of my cancer and there floating, she saw my breasts—totally protected. The vision of the egg was very positive. She could read about strong protection from my mother (which I include Mother Jenny as well as Virginia and most likely Temura too.)

The first visit she gave me a prescription for some strong vitamins that are antioxident to be taken one a day at lunchtime. She also prescribed me my own urine. I was to drink my first pee and last pee of the day and also rub it on the psoriasis. (In the past I received this information from a Chiropractor I knew, but I never did it. He told me it made his go away in 5 days. I think he drank all of his.)

So I began this regime and did it for about a week before going back to her. There was a marked difference in the psoriasis. And it has now gotten easier to do. Musi says she has had some Chinese herbs as bad, but I don't know about that.

The second time I went to Feli's office, her daughter set me up for a purge. Another prescription for a medicine to get rid of parasites which I was to take that night and an oil that I was to bring to her office the next day.

We returned to the office the following morning and she prepared a tea and put the oil into the tea. Perhaps it was a castor oil or something similar. I drank it down and she sent me on my way to purge for the day.

I went home and it worked. I was to return the next day for the next step.

The next morning, Musi and I went out to catch a taxi but since it was Paró (strike) there were no taxis so we set out on foot. It took us about a half hour to walk there and was actually a pleasure because there were no cars in the street and thus, no bad air to breathe. This has been the one downside with Cusco. It is all taxis and busses but no pollution control. I am often breathing into my sleeve. It was also great to see the kids playing soccer in the streets.

We arrived at the doctor's office and waited a while for her to come. She asked me of my complaints and I told her the big 3 as mentioned above. She set to making me a list. Herbs to take, an herbal tea to make and drink all day, herbs to bathe with, herbs to massage in after the shower and back on the urine. She also told me to meditate with the ancestors for purification each day.

From listening to me—and once I showed her that my cancer was in my left breast—she assessed that this was a father issue. We had talked on the first visit of Brian and the sadness I was still having about the fact that he stopped talking to me. And how even though it is not something I dwell on, I still haven't been able to completely leave the sorrow behind.

She pointed out that he had a mission and that he fulfilled his mission and I could let it go. None of this was actually news. I have known about the early father years and the patterns they set up for a long time. I actually already knew that I keep bringing men into my life to repeat the patterns and that the experiences offer me the chance to heal. But I have not been able to do the work necessary to stop the pattern. The time is now. The place is Peru or really, it is inside of me. I am ready and I am being given a means. Even living day to day so closely with someone is part of it—I have to be strong in myself, my self love, my self knowing.

Turns out, the meditations are very powerful. Today is day 3 and yesterday I began writing after the meditations. I didn't know what she meant exactly when she gave me the assignment. But I sat there on my bed and opened to the purification of the ancestors. When the time is right, I will probably publish those writings as well. They are strong.

I return to her next week for a session and was told to bring some carnations. I know she will use them with whatever she does with me. I will let you know what happens.

So you see, my time here in Peru is more like a quest. A quest of healing and self knowing, of growing and completing, of becoming free.

Copperwoman (mamacha cobre)