Copperwoman PhotoCollage

Kuan Yin of the Oaks

My photographic art is an expression of a “seeing” that arises. Around me I see something beautiful. I recognize a value in capturing some of its magic to share with those who care to partake. Those who can see with a similar vision and be inspired by a similar perception of beauty.

Thus I am moved to take a photograph. I frame, I light, I capture.

Then the “technowitch” shows up. I plug my digial camera into a mac and download the images I have just captured.. I sift, sort, I am called, and I choose. The image comes alive before my very senses— “what do you have to place behind me? Oh, remember that walk in the woods and remember that sunset full of beautiful red clouds on your land?”

That's it. I call up those photos from my digital library. There are two that would make beautiful backgrounds. I choose the oaks and place Kuan Yin on the top layer. I am inspired and moved by the elegance.

I fine tune, I know...
Alchemy, synergy, detail...birthing art!