Friends Performing with Copperwoman

Beth Pettengill Riley

Debbie Nargi-Brown

Freesia Raine

Joya Winwood


Debre and Michelle

Anne from my Humboldt tribe

Jody Kisha O'Connell, my daughter

The Raffle Prizes
are Coming in...
this list is long now

Debbie Nargi-Brown's new CD and songbook

Dance card for Debbie's Thursday African Dance Class

Winter Hibernation Continuum Workshop with Beth Pettengill-Riley

Tribal Belly Dance Basics Level I with Palika or a one hour private session

Acupuncture treatment with Raven Lang

Beautiful Surprise gift baskets from Elvia

Acupuncture treatment with Gabriella Jones

Kalimba--African Thumb Piano

Astrology Reading with Kelsey Ramage

Musi Jewelry: serveral earrings and 2 necklaces

Vanessa Mellet Jewelry

Massage with Teri Mehegan

Massage with Sheryl Allen

Star Trek Autographed photo

Tibetan Nuns Project calendar

Massage with Moon

Massage at the Community Bodywork Center

Pre-release Threshold Choir CD/ Kate Munger

Joya's Mothersong CDs and a pass to Mothersong

Mosaic Mirror Wall Hanging by Beth Purcell

Massage with Dawna Eskridge

Massage with Iris Ross

D'Vorah Earrings

Book: Drum Circle Spirit, Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm by Athur Hull

Video: Drum Circle Facilitation ByArthur Hull

CD: Sounding the Stones by Arthur Hull and James Asher

T-shirt: Village music Circles spirit person t shirt

Acupuncture treatment with Cecile D'Amore

A home made pie by Cecile

Watercolor painting by Linda Pope
donated by Annica

Integrated Awareness Video and Session with Esther Bass

Bali wall hanging from Island Tribe Apparel

Massage with Suzanne Morrow

Birth Song: A book of poetry about birth by Karen Ehrlich

Looking for homemade cookie donations for tea and cookies.

We will be creating an altar on the stage in front of the closed curtains. We need tall votive candles. Please let me know if you have some to contribute. And, bring altar items if you wish.

If you have a raffle prize that you would like to donate...
Please feel free to come at 6:30 and check it in. There are so many prizes, life is so abundant with riches, that many people will have an opportunity to win. It will also be possible to trade prizes if an agreeable exchange is found. In any case, they will make great presents if you cannot use a particular item yourself.

If you plan to buy tickets and not stay for the whole show, you can bring name stickers to put on the back of the tickets to save your writing hands.

More Prizes

Prairie Blossom Naturals Beeswax Candles donated by Kymm Ann

Dried flower Hydrenga/Oregano wreath created by Virginia Saso

Floral Floral Poppy Maiden
created by Mary Lou Saso

"Ancient Circle" by Gillian Brown

A One-hour intuitive reading from Jessica Lauren

A $100 gift Certificate for Sew Maverick Designs. Custom Sewing and Embroidery

Hakomi sesssion with Pernilla Lillarose

3 hours of gardening service from Mari Levine

25 CDR replication and Jewl Box with Full Color printing on disc from Faultline Audio, Bruce Bellochio

Szuszi Tyroler,L. Esthetician-Custom Aromatherapy Facial

Paul Robbins-Vibrasound Therapy

Sandy Hager-1 hr. Massage

An XPower Inverter 300 (230 VAC)--XPower inverters convert 12 volts of DC battery power in your vehicle to 230 volts of AC power dontated by AEE Solar Supersource

A Session of Holistic Somatic Counseling from Dori Fries

A painting and necklaces from Elsa Etcheverry